Shining scars

In the previous post I drew attention to the need to fall in love with ourselves to achieve balanced acceptance of our “shadows” and, consequently, to a fuller expression of our attitudes. Not long ago I read a very good article on the ancient Japanese art of “kintsugi”, in other words to enhance and highlight … More Shining scars

Let’s fall in love…with ourselves!

When I had to undergo a second operation to a sudden and very serious intestinal obstruction, the events took place very suddenly, and among other things, during the holidays between December 31st and January 5th. My condition was very bad, both physically and psychologically: I could not accept the fact of having suffered an ileostomy … More Let’s fall in love…with ourselves!

The Christmas mask

I have never really loved Christmas season, which now they are trying to get started around the beginning of November, perhaps because it often coincided with particularly challenging moments, as family tragedies like the sudden death of my grandmother Luisa or the severe flare-ups of my Crohn’s disease, especially in the early years and later, … More The Christmas mask

The others

The fourth year of high school was the first in which I had to live with Crohn’s disease. Although I had informed my History and Philosophy professor, head of my section, of my “new friend”, I seemed to notice his irritation when, once a month, during my monthly check-up, I used to come to class … More The others

The Fisherman

My father is a fisherman. I should say he was a fisherman because since a couple of years ago he decided not to renew his license but I believe that fishing is a spiritual attitude: as meditation or prayer. Once it is acquired it’s forever. In his office he kept on his desk a typed … More The Fisherman

The Choice

When I was in high school, my usual day was marked by commitments and schedules: tests, homework, and oral exams; I used to get home at 1:30 pm, had lunch and then study during the afternoon. Leaving aside what I ate during breakfast, lunch and dinner and whichever kind of day was awaiting for me … More The Choice

Mother Fear

In my life it happened very often that I got sick during the month of September, especially in the second half, ever since I was in elementary school. Twenty-five years ago these days, just eighteen, and after just a year and a half after I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I was hospitalized due to … More Mother Fear